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Slow Progress and New Friends

Nicci from Trallafittibooks motivated me to also participate in the article series “Reading moods” so this week I tell you about great reunions, new friends, thief stories and musical rediscoveries.

buchhaim_was_bisher_geschah_mai2018 Previously

May 2018

The year is nearly halfway over and I’m slightly off schedule with my Goodreads reading challenge – oops. However, my blog finally gets going again. This month, I wrote a couple of neglected articles and I finally met a wish of mine.

celeste_ng_kleine_feuer_ueberall Review

“Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng

Everything seems perfect in the small town Shaker Heights – the houses, the residents and their lives. Only the perfectly planned daily routine from family Richardon differs more and more from perfection. Next to the youngest daughter Isabelle, the new renters also make some trouble. Mia and her daughter Pearl bring some secrets to Shaker Heights, which soon not only concerns the two of them.

drueber_nachgedacht_buchhaim_design Thought about

Don’t judge a book by its cover

In this column a couple of other bloggers and I discuss a variety of bookish topics on a regular basis. It’s been a while since the last Thought about, but we finally found another topic: today we discuss the design of books.

buchhaim_buecher_nicht_begeistern General

Books that disappoint

The year 2018 is almost halfway over and I recently realized one thing: The books that I read this year didn’t blow me away for the most part. I read so many books last year that have completely thrilled me and still do – this year however, that didn’t happen to me yet. How can that be? Am I the “problem” or the books I choose? Or is there a completely different reason for that?

buchhaim_was_bisher_geschah_april_2018 Previously

April 2018

Hey guys! In April, spring has finally arrived in beautiful Taunus. Therefore, I spent my weekends with a good book on the balcony and read quite a lot. I also discovered great bands and watched some long-awaited series sequels. Sunshine Blogger Award A few months ago Nicci nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Last […]

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