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May 2018

Hey guys!

The year is nearly halfway over and I’m slightly off schedule with my Goodreads reading challenge – oops. However, my blog finally gets going again. This month, I wrote a couple of neglected articles and I finally met a wish of mine.

Welcome to Buchhaim!

If you’re reading this, you’ve already discovered that I started to blog bilingual at the beginning of May. Most of the time, I read books in English and I really want to connect with bloggers and publishers in the English-speaking area. Therefore, I decided to blog in German and English.

In the menu above you can see a little flag which allows you to switch the language. All new articles are posted in English and German. Maybe I will also translate some of my older articles.

Perhaps I’ll write an article regarding this change. If you’re interested in any things in particular or if you have questions, please send me those.


Books that disappoint

This year, almost no book really thrilled me. I discussed possible reasons for that and how I may be able to change that in my article about Books that disappoint.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

We finally found another topic for our column Thought about. I talk about the design of books – from cover to title – in my post Don’t judge a book by its cover. The articles of the other bloggers (in German) are linked at the bottom of my post.

New Books

Usually, I don’t buy books on a huge scale but this month I actually have some new books. I waited a long time for the finale of the Themis series Only Human. I heard a lot of good things about It ends with us, including Jill (German article. Beware, spoiler!), Nicci and Tati. Speaking of  Tati – this month I not only received surprise book mail, I also got my first anthology!


Last Reading Month

From disappointing to awesome books, this May had everything.

“The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern
I received this book a while ago from Chrissi in the German edition Der Nachtzirkus. Sadly, the book couldn’t grab me at all after 200 pages, so I did not finish (dnf) it. The plot of the story wasn’t understandable to me. The story was really confusing and not told very excitingly. Have you read the book and experienced similar difficulties with it?
“Only Human” by Sylvain Neuvel
This year, I somehow don’t have any luck with trilogy finales. I liked the ending of the series, but I didn’t knock my socks off; exactly like Obsidio. Of course, the story had some shocking moments, but in my opinion the ending was told way too fast.
“Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng
With Kleine Feuer Überall (German edition), I read a book that normally isn’t my kind of story. The literary excursion was really worth it because the new novel by Celeste Ng could really thrill me and was really thought-provoking with the many diverse topics. You can find my review here.
“It ends with us” by Colleen Hoover
As mentioned above, It ends with us was recommended to me by many. The book was so different from what I imagined. Interesting, intense, offensive and just really important – a story that really motivates discussion.

TV Shows & Music

Because next to books I’m also interested in TV shows and especially music, I decided to mention these topics in my monthly reviews.

Jessica Jones

I exactly know who is super excited right now – my dear Tati, because she recommended the show  so many times to me. In May, I finally started to watch the show and I really like it so far, although I’m usually not interested in superhero stuff. The first season really was exciting, the second season already revealed some nice plot twist. I’m curious about how the story about the anti-hero will develop!

Devin Townsend Project

It happened again this month – I discovered a new musician and I only hear his music, in a continuous loop and all day long. I don’t know how Devin Townsend slipped my attention. This man makes music that is entirely my taste – in addition to his voice, totally awesome!


Alter Bridge‘s guitar player Mark Tremonti decided to start a solo project a few years ago. I couldn’t have been happier about it because I really love his voice. Soon, the fourth album will be released and I’m therefore constantly listening to the new single A Dying Machine.

Which books thrilled you this year so far? Are you also excited for new albums of your favorite musicians?


8 Kommentare zu May 2018

  1. Liebe Elli,
    Jessica Jones ist suuuper cool, ich mag sie sehr <3
    Eigentlich bin ich eher für die DC Sachen, aber Marvel hat echt tolle Serien.
    Bei It ends with us stimme ich dir zu, es ist wahrlich krass, verstörend, aber wichtig.
    Es beschäftigt mich nach wie vor immer mal wieder.

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hi Nicci,
      ja, die Serie ist schon cool. Hätte ich auch nicht gedacht, dass sie mir so gefällt.
      Kennst du noch andere wichtige Bücher wie “It ends with us”?
      Liebe Grüße,

      1. Meinst du von der Thematik her?
        Nee leider nicht..
        Was ich aber empfehlen kann, auch wenn es thematisch anders ist (es geht um Rassismus, ist eine Dystopie), ist Nation Alpha von Christin Thomas. Aber das hast du sicherlich schon irgendwo gesehen, ich vergesse leider auch manchmal mit wem ich schon über welche Bücher geplaudert habe.

        1. Hi Nicci,
          mit mir hast du noch nicht drüber gesprochen, aber ich habe es schon auf deinem Blog und Instagram gesehen. Klingt interessant, war das ein Rezensionsexemplar oder wie bist du drauf gestoßen? Ich habe vor ein paar Jahren schon “Hope” von ihr gelesen und fand es ganz gut.
          Liebe Grüße,

  2. I hope you enjoy blogging in English and German! I know Sebastian is happy that he made the change. 😊

    I liked The Night Circus, but I didn’t love it. I agree with you about the plot, I had a hard time following the timeline, and I didn’t care about the characters. But I loved the setting! I’d love it see it as a movie.

    I’m terrible at listening to music. Through college, I listen all the time, but since then I’ve somehow gotten out of the habit. 🙊

    1. Hi Maraia,
      woho, my first English comment! Thank you for that!
      Oh yes, I really do! It also helps a lot with my English skills; still getting better with each new article. How do you two decide which articles to post in German/English?
      I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with this problem. I don’t care about the characters or anything else in this book at all. Just the setting was nice, I agree.
      How can anyone be “terrible” at listening to music? I thought it’s just a thing you do – all day long. 😀 Don’t you have any favorite bands, artists or genre that you like?

  3. Hi,
    Great initiative on blogging in two languages. I’m sure your German readers appreciate it.
    I’ve had Little Fires on my tbr for so long, I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I’ll be checking out Tremonti I love listening to new music. Great post

    1. Hey Sakhile,
      thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy it and hey – you just wrote the second English comment, thank you for that!
      Little Fires Everywhere is just so awesome and important; I hope you’ll enjoy it.
      Yay! Tremonti is one of my favorite musicians, let me know how you like his music.

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